Table Builder

Here is a very basic table building script.

Tables are fundamental to making your web page look right. You may have had trouble trying to get text to line up properly or to get text to appear next to a picture. HTML, the underlying code of web pages, just doesn't work like a word processor - and for good reasons. But it can be frustrating. Especially tables with all the mark up tags.

This page is intended to help you build the HTML code that in turn helps you layout your web pages. It's not sophisticated. It produces very simple code. For more detailed web page design, please see us in Distributed Learning for advice and coaching.

With that said, here it is. Fill in the following form and press submit.

How wide do you want your whole table?
Your table can take up all the editing space in your web page, or a portion. Use a number between 5 to 100 to represent a percent or type a number to represent the number of pixels.

If you're not sure, try 100%.

How many row(s) do you want?
You must have at least 1 row and no more than 99 rows.
How many columns do you want?
You must have at least 1 column and no more than 99.

Do you want to see a border around each cell of your table?
If your intention is simply to line up text, then answer no.