Video Player Builder

Here is a very basic script to produce the code you'll use in your Yukon College Manila site. It's a very basic script. You won't get all the options you may find somewhere else. But if all you want to do is to put your finished video onto your site, this will work very well.

You'll only need to know one thing - where's your flash video file stored? What's the URL to your file? (You should copy it from the Files page of your Manila site to eliminate typos.)

And you'll only have to make two choices. How big you want your video to be? And which video player will you use?

With that said, here it is. Fill in the following form and press submit.

What is the URL to your Flash video file?
     (Copy and paste is advised to avoid typos.)

Please select the size of video you want to use. (This will have been set when you used Sorreson Squeeze.)

Which video player do you want to use?