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Welcome to the Yukon Quest for Schools and Students

Update: Pilot Project to be tested this year

We are planning major changes to the Yukon Quest Education program this year. I have retired from the classroom and will have a lot more time to devote to students and teachers. The Yukon Quest International race wants to promote educational opportunities for the race. So we are collaborating on a "pilot" project this year to "test drive" some ideas.

The details of this joint venture are still being developed. Please keep checking back here to see the new ideas. We are looking for classrooms and students who would like to participate in some of these ideas. If you would like to be considered, please get in touch with Cathi Dunham. But we will be adding new resources for everyone.

Some of the ideas we will be exploring:

  • My husband Grant and I will be traveling to the start line in Fairbanks this year and will follow the teams for a day or so in Alaska. If there are things you would like to learn more about, let us know.
  • We will be encouraging students and classes to ask us questions about the race. We will try to respond to as many questions as possible - using text, audio, photos and videos. We will also try to take questions to mushers, handlers, vets or race officials too. But remember, they all will have a job to do and we may not be able to get your replies as quickly as either you or we would like.
  • We will try to set up live "Skype" calls with interested classrooms. This is a pilot year - to test bandwidth limits. We will try to accommodate as many classes as we can. But we may not be able to chat with everyone.
  • The Quest has offered some promotional materials. They have a really nice map (like this one) that's about 36" X 24". Let us know if you would like one and we'll mail it off to you.
  • We know there are a lot of materials on this site. To help you get started, we hope to offer some suggested activities for each school day. (Or at least most school days.) As always, we love to hear what you're doing in the classroom and will pass those along.
  • We will try to create a "timeline" of the quest. This will probably be an ongoing project. Just keep watching it.
  • Thanks to Harry Kern, we will be providing some great new photographs this year. They'll be linked from a trail map so you can actually see what some of these places look like.

Those are just some ideas. We may have more as the weather gets colder and the race gets closer. Any suggestions are always welcome. We're looking forward to this year; visiting new places; meeting new people and interacting with students and classrooms around the world.

The Yukon Quest and The Yukon Literacy Coalition are once again very excited to work together to bring The Yukon Quest (Short) Story Contest back! It was such a success in the past that they’ve decided to do it all over again. You can find more information about it at Yukon Quest Short Story Contest

Grant & Cathi Dunham

This site contains all the documents for Yukon Quest classrooms. Please feel free to print what you need. There is a limited number of preprinted photographs - the same ones available here through the Resources -> Photos link.  Please contact Cathi Dunham for more information or to provide suggestions or additional materials you may have developed.

I've changed the wall outside our classroom this year. For more photos and an explanation of what we did, visit the Selkirk Elementary page.

To get you started on your own Quest, we have provided some Reading, Writing and Math examples. Your input will help make this site alive and active. Please send any suggestions to me using the Contact Form.

  1. Reading Quest - student teams race the mushers along the trail to the finish. This activity is designed to help teachers set up a Reading Quest within their school or in their own classroom.
  2. Math Quest - students create and provide solutions for their own "Quest" math problems that teachers post to the site.
  3. Weather Tracking Activity - students graph the weather for a race checkpoint.