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Population - 96 (2010 census)

Central is an active mining area with many private, small-scale mine operations sluicing the creeks along the Steese Highway for gold and other minerals. It is about 125 miles northeast of Fairbanks via the Steese Highway. The community dates back to 1894, when a roadhouse called Central House was built at Crooked Creek along the main supply trail from Circle City to the surrounding creeks of the Circle Mining District.

Central is close to Eagle Summit and the Pinnell Mountain Trail trailhead. Eagle Summit is the highest point along the Steese Highway at 3,624 feet and a great place to watch the midnight sun skim the horizon around the summer solstice on June 21. The summit is also near a caribou migration route.


Here are some additional photos of the Central Checkpoint. (All photos are used courtesy of and with permission from Harry Kern.)