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Dress Layers

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Just how many layers is ENOUGH?

We're often asked 'how cold does it get?', and 'what do mushers wear to keep warm?'

Blair Braverman raced with us in 2018 to qualify for the Iditarod this year, and she is currently in Alaska training her team and getting ready for the March Iditarod start line. She has kindly given permission for us to share one of her videos, which will give an insight into just what is needed for a musher who is going to be running at 25 to 30 below - temperatures very common during Canadian Challenge race time in February.

Standing on the back of a sled for hours at a time, with dogs travelling at 10 mph, into a head wind with significant wind chill across a frozen lake takes a lot of layers. And as every musher knows, being prepared for 'whatever the worst can happen' is a very sensible racing strategy. At its most serious, wearing the right clothing is a matter of survival.

Just adding and removing these layers at checkpoints and to work with the dog teams is a gym work out in itself! And explains why you'll see most mushers happy to tuck into every checkpoint food temptation offered. And then go back for more.

Thanks to Blair Braverman and the  Canadian Challenge sled dog race for this video.