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Massey-Vanier High School

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Gail Klinck, Cycle 1 Language Arts teacher at Massey-Vanier High School in Cowansviille QC tells us a bit about her "Quest" classroom.

Last fall our grade 7 kids read Mylene Gilbert-Dumas' novel Mort suspecte au Yukon as part of our French program.  Just before Christmas, Mylene came and spent the day with our students and talked about writing, her experiences in Dawson City and, OF COURSE, the Yukon Quest.  The kids (and teachers) were blown away.  Here's a picture of Mylene with some of our kids in front of our race map, which is painted on the back wall of our open area.  If you look closely near Whitehorse, you will notice Normand Casavant's signature.  He is Massey-Vanier's official musher, and he signed the wall when he came to visit us last April after his race in Fermont, Quebec.  Fun, eh?

We are just about set for this year's edition of our cross-curricular Yukon Quest project, which takes between 6 and 8 weeks to get through.  It's complete with literature (Jack London, Robert W. Service), geography and history (the Gold Rush), challenges (team flags and cheers, fire lighting to melt snow and boil water, human sled races, math and LA challenges) the (in)famous Musher Draft (choosing the musher your team will follow), a movie marathon of every dog sledding movie ever produced (there are lots!) and lots more, including a day dog sledding in Vermont.  It's a pile of fun.

Anyway, I guess you guys must be getting down to the wire, too.  The best of everything for a smooth and injury-free race!  We'll be cheering everyone on from way down here!

Take care,