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Mountainview Elementary - Grade 5 Corvallis, Oregon

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Mary Lynn Roush from Corvallis, Oregon explains what she is doing with her Grade 5 class.

We're getting excited for the big race. Thought I'd describe what we are doing.  1) math students "draft" mushers entered in the race, and dogs from kennels that post dog info online.  Then, they buy and supply their sleds from a few online sites.  We used some Irod lessons for some of this.  During the race, students will earn miles along the race by spending minutes on IXL, our online math program.  At checkpoints, they will have math problems to solve.  I'm thinking of throwing in some "fates" during their runs, based on what they did or did not put in their sleds.  We are having fun!  Yay YQ!

Another thing we are doing.... I'm reading Jason's Gold, by Will Hobbes, as a read aloud.  I have students use Google Earth to go where Jason is.  Last week, we went from Juneau to Skagway, up the channel, and are now heading up over White Pass.  The story is giving them the historical perspective behind the YQ (Yukon Gold Rush isn't part of the Oregon social studies curriculum, but we are doing it a yay).  Once the story and Google Earth get to Whitehorse and Dawson, we can follow the YQ trail in both directions: the trail of Klondikers over Chilkoot and White Pass, and the trail of the mushers.  The mushers are following a trail my great grandfather took in 1898.  They took the "rich man's route" and steamed up the Yukon to Tanana. They were the first steamer up the Chena.  Got out and headed up into the Tanana Hills somewhere between what is now Fairbanks and Two Rivers.  From what I see, they were pretty much on the YQ trail from Fairbanks up toward Rosebud.

Here are some photos from her classroom: Ms. Roush made the main display and had her students research and prepare the information about the checkpoints.