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Pelly Crossing

Population - 332 (2012 census)

Pelly Crossing is the home of the Selkirk First Nation, and home to the Northern Tutchone culture. The community was established as a ferry crossing and a highway construction camp when the Klondike Highway from Whitehorse to Dawson City was built in 1950. With the completion of the Pelly River bridge and the road to Dawson City, sternwheeler traffic on the Yukon River came to a halt. Fort Selkirk, located near the confluence of Pelly and Yukon Rivers, was virtually abandoned. The Selkirk First Nation moved from Fort Selkirk to Minto Landing before settling at Pelly Crossing.


Here are some additional photos of the Pelly Crossing Checkpoint. (All photos are used courtesy of and with permission from Harry Kern.)