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Queen Elizabeth Elementary - Calgary

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Here are some photos, resources and ideas sent along by Stephanie Washbrook from Mrs.Godman's grade 1/2 class at Queen Elizabeth Elementary in Calgary, Alberta. (You'll find many of these resources in other parts of this site. Thanks so much for sharing and making this site that much better!)

The class followed Normand Casavant throughout the race.

We set up the bulletin board with some photos from the Education Package, photos from Normand and the big trail map.  We had a dog that we moved along the trail based on Normand's location. 

We taught the kids how to mush. We had lead dogs, swing dogs, team dogs, wheel dogs, the musher and of course the gangline (skipping rope) to keep them all together. We then had an obstacle course race where only the mushers knew the final destination. The mushers could only use 'gee', 'haw', 'hike' and 'whoa' to navigate their teams. Lots of fun complete with dog ears and musher ski goggles!

We had to have a little puppy stretch in the middle of our discussion.

We read lots of books about dog sledding (Sled Dogs Run, Kamik, New Boots for Hudson, Painter and Ugly (they loved this one!)), but we focused on Yukon: Sled Dog.

We sent home a handout with links to the race and activities for the kids to do with their families over the long weekend. Here is a Word Search and Maze that we created. (These are great activities. You'll find links to them under the Puzzles link also.)

As part of studying Northern Canada we looked at the art of the late Ted Harrision, focusing on his use of shape and colours.  We made our own art using cut construction paper with black outlining.  We also learned about how Ted Harrison used serigraphs (silk screen) for most of his prints. We silk screened our own sled dog tshirts.

We made a video (in our tshirts) to cheer Normand on once he reached Dawson, and emailed it off to his team.

The class each created their own sled dog portrait.  You could tell that our class had discussed the breeding of a sled dog, and there were no Siberian huskies in our group.

We tracked the weather in Calgary versus where Normand was for each day of the race. 

We learned about letter writing and wrote letters to Normand congratulating him on finishing the race, and asking some questions.

They also passed along a couple of really good links: We watched the great YouTube videos, including; YQ 2014 Start:, Sled Tour:, Eagle's Summit, Gee Haw Training