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"Quest" Classrooms

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Photos and stories from teachers using the Yukon Quest in their classrooms. Send yours using the contact form.

2019 Quest Classrooms:


2018 Quest Classrooms:

  • Minneota Public Schools, Minnesota - Nancy Dilley shared her Yukon Quest Reading Race materials.
  • Airdrie - Grade 3. Michelle Bechthold made a great Youtube video on their Yukon Quest activities. It's well worth watching for teachers looking for ideas. It's hosted on Youtube - your school may block it.

2017 Quest Classrooms:

  • Airdrie - Grade 3. Chantelle Bergeron and  Michelle Bechthold's Grade 3 class in Airdrie followed the 2017 Quest.
  • Inside a Quest Sled. Yukon Quest musher Yuka Honda, her handler Deb Knight and Petunia, a retired sled dog visited Selkirk Elementary School to show students what goes into a Quest sled.
  • Inside a Quest Sled. Yuka Honda and Deb Knight's presentation at Selkirk school. (Videos)

2016 Quest Classrooms:

2015 Quest Classrooms: