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Request a Skype Call

The race start is getting closer. And we would love to do a Skype chat with you and your class. It won't be fancy. Because of bandwidth limits in the middle of wilderness Alaska and Yukon, (There is no internet on much of the trail.) you would see us from our home in Whitehorse or a hotel in Fairbanks. But we have things we can show - like a dog harness and booties. And have really enjoyed answering questions from students.

If you want to schedule a chat (we suggest Skype - but it could be Google Hangouts or other that you like), let us know when would work for you. A couple of things to think about:

  • We will be driving from Whitehorse to Fairbanks on Wednesday, January 31. (It's a 12 hour drive - so we won't be available that day.)
  • We will be driving home on Monday, February¬†5. (So won't be available that day either.)
  • We will be driving to Dawson City on Friday, February¬†9. (Another day we can't do any chats.)

But other than that, we should be able to arrange something. If you're interested, send us a message with:

Your Name
Your School's Name
Your email address (so we can make the arrangements)
Your first and second choice for a date and time when we could chat with your students. (Remember to put in the time zone so we can convert.)
Any special requests for the chat - questions your students have or what they want to see.

(If you would like 2 chats, let us know the same information for both). We're looking forward to meeting and sharing with your class. We've done several of these and really enjoy doing them.

Grant & Cathi