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Scenario 1

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This is your rookie race (your first Yukon Quest race) and the Yukon Quest starts in Whitehorse this year. You have 1700 training miles on the dogs with lots of long 100 mile overnight trips in cold weather with rough terrain. You are concerned about the six 2- and 3-year old dogs in the team being able to complete the race.

You start in Whitehorse in the 3rd position. By the time you are at Takhini Hot Springs, the teams in starting positions 4 through 13 have sped past your team. You thought you were making good time, and your dogs look good. You have settled into a good, fast trot after resting and snacking the dogs following the 6 hour run to Rivendell (where you left the river).

  • Should you change your strategy and speed up to catch the teams that passed you? 
  • Why or why not?


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