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Scenario 3

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You pull out of the McCabe Creek checkpoint, and both you and your dogs are well-rested. You immediately pull onto the Yukon River. The ice is smooth for ten miles, but you suddenly turn a corner and hit jumble ice for as far as you can see. Jumble ice is formed when an ice jam backs up all the ice floating downstream and piles it into a big jumble - some pieces can be 6-8 feet high. The trail goes through the jumble ice.

You have a full sled, and to slow the dogs down even more you put down your Skidoo pad (rough rubber piece of a snow machine's track) to brake with. The Skidoo pad is attached to your brake with carabiner clips. As you go over an ice crest and come crashing down the other side, you hear a "snap" of metal breaking and you jam your foot down on the brake to stop.... but the brake bolts have sheared off, leaving your brake and pad on that crest you just flew over.

  • How do you stop your team? 
  • Do you go back and get your brake and pad? 
  • You have no repair bolts - how do you get through the rest of the jumble ice? * What would you do differently next time?