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Scenario 5 Example

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Scenario 5

By Robin

It started as I was running my dogs on the Yukon Quest. At first, my wheel dogs started looking behind the team, then a few more dogs looked behind me. Then the whole team was straining in anxiety to look at something.

I turned briefly to see what they were staring at. As my headlamp shed light on the trail behind me, I saw something. That something was another dog team covering enormous ground in no time flat! I quickly yelled “gee” to make the dogs hug the right side of the trail so we wouldn’t get hit.

“I’d hate to be the guy on that sled.” I thought to myself. But as the team came up beside mine, I saw something I had hoped I would never see on the Quest. The team had no driver.

The sled was thrashing around, tossing and turning and basically being torn to heck, with all it’s supplies spewing everywhere. I figure, going that fast with no driver, the dogs are going to get run over the second they slow down.

I had to slow down the sled. First I got as far ahead of the sled as I0 could, stuck in my snow hook to keep my team from leaving and jumped on the sled. Then I righted the sled(and almost fell off), I then stomped down the foot brake as hard as I could, and started yelling for the runaway team to stop.

After finally stopping the team, I put in the snow hook. Luckily, I was really close to the next checkpoint and my dogs weren’t that far away. Turns out, the driver’s team had been frightened by a moose and had fallen off his sled. he ran all the way to the next checkpoint.