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Scenario 6

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After your 36-hour layover in Dawson, you are mushing down the river towards Eagle. You left Dawson at 1 a.m., so you are approaching the Fortymile checkpoint in the dark. You know from the trail briefing that you turn off at the Fortymile. The trail is hard-packed, as it has not snowed in days, and the traffic before you has made the trail hard and fast. You approach what you are sure is the Fortymile turnoff. There are lots of trail markers, and your leaders just fly down the marked trail.

As you go by a set of trail markers, you notice a trail going off to the right. This trail is in about the same condition as the one you take, but it is not marked. About 30 minutes later you notice that the trail you are on is not as hard packed and it has been a while since you saw a trial marker. The farther you go, the worse the trail gets, and still you see no markers. You begin to review in your mind what you heard at the trail briefing - "at the Fortymile, turn left and go up the Fortymile River - don't continue down the Yukon River". In another 15 minutes you are convinced you have taken the wrong trail.

  • What should you do?