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Scroggie Creek

Population - 0

Scroggie Creek is a tributary of the Stewart River. The creek has some placer gold deposits being actively mined. The dog drop is in a remote area of Yukon. There are no roads or telephone service (besides satellite phone.) To get there, vets and race officials use snowmobiles or dog team. It is over 100 kilometers from the nearest road. 

Scroggie Creek is a designated Dog Drop. Dog Drops are designated places along the trail where mushers can “drop” a dog if he is injured or not doing well. Unlike checkpoints, mushers are not required to stop at a dog drop, nor are they able to resupply their sled. The Vet Team takes care of the dog and has the dog transported to the next checkpoint, where the “dropped” dog will be met by and returned to the musher’s handler.

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Here are some additional photos of the Scroggie Creek Dog Drop. (All photos are used courtesy of and with permission from Harry Kern.)