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St Mary's Bay Academy - Weymouth, NS

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Andrena Teed, a grade 7 English teacher at St Mary's Bay Academy in Weymouth, Nova Scotia is following the Quest this year. Her students are each following a musher, tracking his or her progress, writing a profile about the musher, and preparing a feature-type mock television programme about the Yukon Quest. (It will be great to see the final product.)

Each student completed an application for the Yukon Quest, as though s/he was a full participant. They are pretending that they are mushers running alongside the actual participant whom they are supporting. 

These students are showing off the avatars they created to represent their musher. 

The avatar is used to mark the progress made by each musher as he or she proceeds along the Yukon Quest course.

During every class, the pupils use the live tracking option on the Yukon Quest site to ascertain the location of their musher. There is a friendly rivalry building in the class, as the mushers start to create time and kilometric distances between each other.