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Today's Suggested Activity

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Here are some suggestions for your Yukon Quest for Learning:

Day 1 

Start thinking about your classroom Yukon Quest displays. There are some really good examples on the Quest Classroom page. I did a video explaining my last big display.

Day 2

I've added a new page Teaching the Yukon Quest. It's an attempt to explain what I used to do in the classroom - with lots of links to resources I used.

Day 3

Take a look at the Student Race Book / Manual documents and print the ones you can use in your class. (This makes a great hand out to students and something they can keep.)

Day 4

This is a good time to start giving students an idea of what the Yukon Quest trail looks like. Here are some ideas we have gathered.

Day 5

Today's suggested activity is to start the Yukon Quest Reading Challenge. This is a great activity for classes or your whole school. You can get everyone involved.

Day 6

Todays suggested activity is to start the Yukon Quest Writing Challenge. I've provided some scenarios and examples to get you started. Any kind of writing assignment is great to start.

Day 7

Meet some of the officials for the Yukon Quest. Two of the more visible "teams" are the Race Officials and Race Veterinarians. We asked the leaders of these teams some pre race questions. Maybe you or your students will have some too. If so, send them in and we'll see if we can get some answers.

Day 8 

Today's suggested activity is an art project.  Have your students create something like this:  All the directions on how to do it can be found on the website - Paint on All the Tables.

Day 9

Today's suggested activity is Yukon Quest math. The food drop provides a good place to try a bit of math. Here are some examples.

While we're suggesting math activities, the Yukon Quest Math Challenge has more examples.

Day 10

By now, you and your students may have lots of questions. Use the Ask a Good Question page to send us those questions and we'll do what we can to get you an answer.