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Welcome to the Yukon Quest for Schools and Students

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Update: For the 2021 race

We have decided to take a step back from this site for next year's Quest. The site will be available for teachers to use. And we will try to help answer questions when we can. But we can't commit to being as available as we've been in the past.

We will also be updating the site over the coming year. Our hope is to clean it up and make the content more accessible. We know there are a lot of materials on this site. To help you get started, we hope to offer some suggested activities for each school day. 

That's an update on our plans for the 2021 race. We will do our best. But we don't want to make any promises at this time.

Grant & Cathi Dunham

This site contains all the documents for Yukon Quest classrooms. Please feel free to print what you need. There is a limited number of preprinted photographs - the same ones available here through the Resources -> Photos link.  Please contact Cathi Dunham for more information or to provide suggestions or additional materials you may have developed.

This is an example of the wall outside our classroom the last year I taught. For more photos and an explanation of what we did, visit the Selkirk Elementary page.

To get you started on your own Quest, we have provided some Reading, Writing and Math examples. Your input will help make this site alive and active. Please send any suggestions to me using the Contact Form.

  1. Reading Quest - student teams race the mushers along the trail to the finish. This activity is designed to help teachers set up a Reading Quest within their school or in their own classroom.
  2. Math Quest - students create and provide solutions for their own "Quest" math problems that teachers post to the site.
  3. Weather Tracking Activity - students graph the weather for a race checkpoint.