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What Happens at a Checkpoint?

There are 11 checkpoints on the Yukon Quest trail (including the start and end checkpoints). To see what these checkpoints look like, use the Trail Map and click on the checkpoint. There are some really good photographs from Harry Kern that should give you an idea of what they look like.

There is a lot of waiting at checkpoints. Race Officials, Vets, Handlers, the media and the general public spend a lot of time waiting for the mushers to come in. It can be cold and dark with little room inside buldings.

But once a musher arrives, there's lots of activity. Here is a video of Christine Roalofs arriving in the Central checkpoint. It shows the check in process.

Once checked in, mushers will often stay at the checkpont to give their dogs a rest break. Checkpoints have hot water for the dog food, hot food for mushers and a warm place to sleep. Sometimes mushers gather their gear and food at the checkpoint and then go down the trail a bit further before stopping for a rest break.

Vets will check all the dogs at a checkpoint. Mushers sometimes have questions or concerns about a dog and vets will do a thorough check over. All dogs get a good examination - similar to taking your dog to the vet for a yearly examination. 

Before leaving the checkpoint, mushers will sometimes ask for more vet advice. They must sign out and then they're off towards the next checkpoint.